Which Roman Shade Style Should I Choose?

Roman Shade With Front Slats

In this style, the roman shades has slats or bars on the front of the shade that adds visual interest especially when done with a solid fabric or textured fabric.

Relaxed Roman Shade

In this style, there are no horizontal slats. These shades bring in a softer look in the room with a curved (relaxed) edge at the bottom. You would not see any pleats or folds when it is all the way down. It is mainly decorative and may require some styling when you raise it. Relaxed shade look best when stitched with a medium weight Cotton fabric.

Why Opt for Roman Shades?

  1. Do you have a room for stack back? That’s the part of the drapery panel that opens to each side of your window? If the answer is No, a roman shade would be a great alternative.
  2. Are your windows odd sized or difficult to reach? If so, again – roman shades are convenient. You can also opt for motorized control for the odd sized windows.
  3. Do you prefer a window treatment that is more streamlined and less feminine? If yes, Roman Shade would a perfect fit for you.
  4. Are you looking for a window treatment in one of the small rooms and don’t want the room to look bulky? Roman shades would be a great choice as they don’t take too much of the space. They are usually mounted inside the window or outside the window frame depending on the depth of the window.
  5. Do you have pets or children in home that can pull drapery panels ? If so, you should definitely consider Roman Shades as they would be a safer option to consider.
  6. We recommend using cordless control system of Roman Shades for Kids and Pet Safety. For different control options for blinds and shades get in touch with us at

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